Saturday, 9 November 2013

Yoga requires moderation

Neither too much sleep and food, nor too little of it: and moderation in all actions. Total absorption in the Self – no desire for anything other than the Truth or Reality. Indifference to pain. Total Conviction and No depression. One should with draw by degrees. To such a Yogi whose Rajas (passion for action) has subsided, comes the supreme bliss of Brahman. Such a person sees the Brahman everywhere, the Self in all beings, and all beings in the Self.

He who sees Krishna everywhere and all things in Krishna does not lose sight of Krishna, nor Krishna of him. That person who worships Krishna residing in all beings the same, becomes a Yogi, and whatever he does he lives in Krishna. Arjuna then asked Krishna a question: Since the mind is essentially restless, how can it attain this equanimity? What happens to a person who has faith, but has a wandering mind?

Krishna then explained that practice can bring a restless mind under control. But should someone with faith be unable to concentrate, he will still never come to harm. Such a person will attain the worlds of the righteous and after spending many years there, he will be born again in the house of the pure and righteous, or into a family of Yogis. Such a birth is indeed rare. There he comes in contact with knowledge acquired in a previous birth and tries harder than before. Even a person who is merely interested in Yoga transcends the Vedas. Some Yogis attain the Supreme Goal over several births.

The Yogi is greater than ascetics, sages, and men of action. Therefore be a Yogi. And of all Yogis, those who are absorbed in Krishna are the highest.

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