Tuesday, 7 January 2014

राज विद्या -२ :भगवान का स्वरुप / The Regal Science and the Royal secret :The Nature of God

मया ततमिदं सर्वं जगदव्यक्तमूर्तिना ।
मत्स्थानि सर्वभूतानि न चाहं तेष्ववस्थित: ।।9 / 4।।

 मुझे निराकार परमात्मा से यह सब जगत् जल  से बरफ के सदृश परिपूर्ण है और सब भूत मेरे अन्तर्गत संकल्प के आधार स्थित हैं, किंतु वास्तव में मैं उनमें स्थित नहीं हूँ ।

The whole of this universe is permeated by me as unmanifest divinity, and all beings rest on the idea with in me. Therefore, really speaking, I am not present in them. (9 / 4)

“Invisibly, un-understandably, as it were, I am pervading all things. There is no place, no nook or cranny, or corner where I am not. I bring about an organic relation among all the things in the world, though they are millions of light years away from the point of view of sense perception.”

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