Friday, 11 October 2013

Religion is not Dharma

What is actual DHARMA? Dear Atman! Generally  we are using the term Dharma as synonyms of Religion, in my opinion this is root cause of all confusions and contradictions. Dharma and Religion are not same. The Religion is a component of Dharma just like sect and different ism or so many sacred thoughts founded by prophets or enlightened individuals. The word religious  is derived from Latin word RELIGARE that means "to bind" it means a religion connect people one to one and create brotherhood and equality among them. Religion is related to smooth functioning of a society and ensure peace / less contradictions; while the term of Dharma is derived from Sanskrit language which means "dharan" that is Retention of Sadguna. The basic discrimination between Religion and Dharma is that Religion consists the system and Dharma consists to enrich virtues of individuals. Ten traits of Dharma are described in Indian tradition .....

             धृति क्षमा दमोअस्तेयम शौच्मिन्द्रिय निग्रह  ӏ
             धी विद्या सत्यमअक्रोधो दशमेकम धर लक्षणम  ӏӏ

Dharma does not focus on rituals (Karmakanda) it is enhances the spiritual level of human being so that they could get the ultimate source of happiness (Sat-chit-ananda). Continueued.............

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